domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2010

Steady Progress

Work is being done nicely, and beta 3 promisses to be a really good one. See this small preview:

Here is the list of features, and it's status, that will be in the next beta, targeted to the end of this month:

DONE - one/two player mode
a) remove player 2 from move/clear/show functions
b) scroll with only one player
c) select one or two players
d) on PC, P1 can use both joy1 and keyboard
DONE - allow multiple instances of a same NPC (to reuser the same graphics in a different position)
DONE - adjust players initial position
DONE - add players HP bars
DONE - fix collision verification when falling from a jump and moving left/right (still needs more work)
DONE - make NPC shield itself (shiled flag, plus frame zero in animation)
DONE - player hit animation
DONE - add collision verify into player hit animation to not move where it can't
DONE - NPC hit animation
DONE - player hit animation
DONE - make players loose 3 hit points when touching a NPC
DONE - fix jump+shoot and walk+shoot animation
DONE - player teleport animation in stage start
DONE - "ready" text animation on stage start
DONE - align hit animation centered vertically and horizontally to the player or npc
DONE - editor: add fill tool (still needs work for non-continual areas like a square)
NOT - separate hit into NPC check into a separate function and call it even if player is stopped
DONE - make NPC shoot
DONE - NPC shoot must diminish 1 HP from players when hit them
- fix small underscreen bug on top of the screen
- show projectile more near to the hit target (is vanishing too soon)
- NPC killed animation
- create a complete map (without boss)
- add a small text in the stage ending (beta and credits)
- create deb package for Ubuntu/Linux
- map PS2 joystick buttons correctly
- fix timing for PS2
- initialize units for PS2 according to need (use argc to find run path)
- create an official PS2 build

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